A kept pet

Welcome to my blog. For starters I am a pet. To be more specific I am a submissive, I have a master. We both do not like the term slave, but in essence that is what I am. I exist to make my master happy. He does order me to do things from day to day tasks to sexual endeavors. Why am I writing a blog about this. Well although there are some good blogs out there, as in anything especially master pet/slave relationships there are many different flavors out there. Each is different but the core is the same. So I felt as though maybe it would be good to get my story out. To help others, because I know it isn’t as easy as it was for me.

So where should I start, I should warn you I have ADHD and OCD so I apologize is my blogs are chaotic :D

How did I realize I was a submissive? Hmmmm well it is a bit of a quirky story. I am a big fan of anime/manga I love bleach, well as some of you may know there is a fairly large easy going bleach role-playing universe on twitter. Well I was a part of it and through my interactions, mainly with Yaoi I came to the realization that wow I’m a submissive, this all makes sense. And to be clear I am what is known in the BDSM community as a natural submissive. This means I crave dominance in every aspect of my life not just in the bedroom. I always thought i was just shy and awkward. Definitely an introvert to boot but as I did research on Uke and Seme (look up yaoi for a in dept definition but in essence Uke is the bottom and Seme is the top in a boy boy relationship referring to yaoi. I don’t really want any ones opinion on yaoi to each their own. I don’t judge nor should any of you) and it just clicked. I needed not just wanted someone to control me but also take care of me. And I want to be very clear although he is my master and he does own me his first and foremost duty (as he says as well) is to take care of me, his pet. he nurtures, trains, guides me. The dominate/master/owner takes care of their property. They protect and cherish their pet/slave/property. And in most cases (safe consensual relationships) the submissive/pet/slave is proud to be owned because they know they are loved and nothing will harm them.
Well I think that’s a good beginning next blog I’ll talk a bit about how I met my master. Till then goodbye and thank-you